The goal of this surgical procedure is to reshape the abdominal contour after pregnancy, weight changes gain or loss or aging, the female abdominal skin is no longer elastic, abnormal relaxation of the anterior abdominal wall muscles is present losing their ability to return to the normal abdominal shape.

The surgical procedure removes the excess of skin and fat, tighten the under laying muscles returning to a smoother flatter abdomen. Also relocating the navel in the anatomic normal position.

The surgery can be done under regional or general anaesthesia and last in the operating room for three and a half of hours.

The patient stays in hospital for one day, time enough to give the proper antibiotic and pain killer treatment.

The patient is discharge from the hospital wearing a compression girdle, returning to hospital after five days, at that time if placed the drains will be removed and also all the skin stitches.

Light activity is encouraged after this. Normally full activities can be resumed in four weeks.
The compression garment has to be use for six weeks.

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